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Your donation will change a child's life NOW and in the FUTURE and will help to relieve a struggling family's financial burden. Together, we can start a revolution in early education and offer HOPE for the future!

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Help us provide top-quality early childhood education to those most in need:

Our future lies in the hands of the children. We have a responsibility, even an obligation, to ensure that those children are given the opportunities they need to develop healthily and set them on a path to successful lives wherein they can effectively contribute to the world around them. Early childhood education that is provided by first-rate preschools gives children those opportunities in a warm, friendly, positive, effective environment.

High-quality preschool has been proven to have multiple benefits for young children socially, academically, emotionally, and physically. If we want to invest in the future and safeguard the lives of those who will be our leaders in years to come, we must do our part to help those from underprivileged conditions to have access to top-notch preschool.

Just 10 of the MANY Benefits of High-Quality Preschool:

  • Preschool teaches crucial social skills in a social setting
  • Preschool gives children a solid academic foundation
  • Preschool encourages positive emotional regulation
  • Preschool teaches children organizational skills
  • Preschool helps children prepare for future education
  • Preschool gives opportunities for fine- and large-motor development
  • Preschool allows children to bond to other trusted adults
  • Preschool teaches children empathy through classmate interaction
  • Preschool provides opportunities to learn through structured play
  • Preschool increases the odds of children graduating high school and pursuing higher education

There is no substitute for in-person, high-quality preschool experiences. Children develop in each dimension as they attend preschool with their peers and with teachers who truly care about them and help nurture them to bring about a healthy start to their growth and development. Please consider making a donation today! You can make a difference in a child’s FUTURE as well as a family’s PRESENT!


Beacon - Level I  |  $500 - $999

Nobska Light in Fog at Night, by Paul Souders


Starlight - Level II  |  $1,000 - $9,999

Stars over Rocky Mountain National Park, by Pat Gaines


Twighlight - Level III  |  $10,000 - $49,999

Twilight Covers the Ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains, by Raymond Gehman


Sunrise - Level IV  |  $50,000 - $99,999

Green Hills Glowing by Warm Sunlight at Twilight, by Leonid Tit


New Dawn - Level V  |  $100,000+


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